LV Values: 

Creativity . We are committed to producing and delivering original content that touches and inspires your mission & vision. Through our relentless pursuit of creative storytelling, we are the fuel to maximizing your vehicle to impact.

Communication . We want you to feel comfortable and well-informed through out our entire process and partnership. We consistently connect with you in a way that works best for you - whether that’s email, scheduled phone and/or video calls, or in-person meetings. 

Collaboration . We value your voice and ideas! We enjoy the process and the privilege of getting to know you and your business. Through our collaboration, we ensure that your company’s value is expressed through memorable & breathtaking visuals. 



With Loyd Visuals, you’re investing in perspective and partnership.   

Our deep connection to each other and to you drives this work. We are family. Quite literally family. We are brothers who grew up in a creative environment. Today, we are artists, entrepreneurs, community builders; changemakers.  

When you work with us, you become a part of that trust, transparency, and teamwork. 

You also gain intimate access to a way of thinking and creating that’s innovative and original; experienced and fresh. 

That’s what shapes how we collaborate. We are your partners in the process that brings your vision to life and creates value that lasts.



When you reach out to us, we respond within 48 hours with everything you need to know about who we are, what we do, and the value. Then, we’ll schedule 15 minutes for a discovery call with you. If it’s a good fit, we send over a game plan with an estimate. 


Pre-production: We listen and learn as much as possible about your project, identify target audiences, and find ways to show your value to that audience. We then produce a treatment that explains our vision. After you approve the treatment, we write the script, and prepare all things needed in order to have a seamless production.

Production: We build a specific production team that supports your project needs. We find the best locations and talent to tell your story and film with professional equipment.

Post-production: Back in the editing bay, we organize the footage and lay out the storyline for your video. We add in sound design, color grading, and graphics to polish the visual.


We want you to feel supported with your final product. Which is why we provide services to help your audience connect with your new content. We coach you through best practices for uploading/storing, distribution, social media strategy, and how to integrate this new content into your brand’s footprint.